The story

ARREY has consistently been working with the interdisciplinary potential of both, fashion and fine art for her past ten years. The resulting designs, whose realization as well as whose positioning ARREY has perfected throughout her career, stand to prove her an extraordinary artist creating unique pieces with a lifespan beyond the dictation of fashion.

Experimenting with precious fabrics and unconventional combinations of material brought her a fantastic reputation of setting trends rather than following the current dictum she mostly finds too short-dated to follow.
So her designs draw inspiration from classical styles she appropriates by quoting and that are apt to accentuate the individual personality of the respective wearer who appreciates ARREY’s subtleties that leave enough room for playing and styling one’s own interpretation of female strength.

ARREY has a wide following consisting of young, outgoing fashion aficionados as well as it enthuses the lady of worldly elegance and sovereignty.

Trained in Paris, Milan and Berlin, where ARREY had a chance to get inspired by the work of other famous designers as Karl Lagerfeld and Julien Macdonald, her work certainly matches high fashion standards without equating extravaganza or uniqueness with unwearable fashion design. ARREY always aims at creating pieces and collections that persuade being worn and lived up to by her self- confident clients.

Especially the Plissé collections have been her biggest success in convincing the international press and celebrities from every artistic field. ARREY puts the classical art of fabric design back into the picture of contemporary fashion design.
The sophisticated art of pleats fabrics are the foundation and the microcosm of her idea of fashion as art and fashions beautiful hermaphrodite.

As an artist, ARREY has earned a notable shooting star reputation in international high class fashion design, which leads to her work being distributed in over 35 countries worldwide through approximately 300 top designer stores, high fashion stores and also famous department stores like Liberty’s London.

In 2006 ARREY concentrated her many activities at a store space in fancy Berlin Mitte’s well-reputed Hackesche Hoefe, in whose air of creativity and inspiration she feels at home and where she welcomes international professionals as well as the curious passer-by.